Collaboration with usergroups


WayBack is a nonprofit organization committed to bringing former inmates back into society.

PriSUD are lucky to have Wayback and their leader Johan Lothe on board, who contribute with important insight into the challenges and barriers people experience upon release from prison.

By 2021 PriSUD funds will establish a part time position at WayBack to further strengthen the collaboration.


In 2019 PriSUD did an evaluation of WayBack and their activities, focusing on the experiences of their users. The results will be used to develop the activities for WayBacks users and planning of future initiatives.     

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University College of Norwegian Correctional Service (KRUS)

University College of Norwegian Correctional Services started on the 1. april 1937. The educate new prison guards and offer further education for experienced guards working in Norwegian prisons.  


Leader of the PriSUD project, Anne Bukten, has a parttime position in the research department at the University College of Norwegian Correctional Services, which gives the project a close connection to the Norwegian correctional service.


The Red Cross - social network upon release

"Nettverk etter soning" is an project in the Norwegian Red Cross, that offers support in the difficult transit between a long imprisonment and society upon release from prison. The goal is to reduce relapse into criminal activities and prison.