Evaluation of overdose prevention measures in prison care

Legal Research and Writing

As part of the national overdose strategy (2014-2017) under the auspices of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the Prison and Probation Service is implementing a project to reduce  risk of overdose after release from prison. The purpose of the project is to increase knowledge and improve the practice of reversal, so that overdose deaths can be prevented. The Norwegian Prison and Probation Service's college and education center KRUS conducts training of the project based on learning networks for the prison units.

Will the measures save lives? In order to be able to answer whether the measures will save lives, a collaborative project has been established between Seraf and Krus. To evaluate the measures, we have designed an electronic questionnaire that the participant can answer themselves. The study will eventually use data from two different sources; data from questionnaires and national register data. Participants who agree to participate in the study, and who provide their social security number, will be followed up prospectively with data obtained from national registers with measures of mortality and treatment status. In addition to providing updated information about the measures, the survey will provide important information about the course of a vulnerable group after release. The project started in January 2019. 

The project includes Nalokson  nasal spray to inmates, and the prisons thus work closely with SERAF and the Naloxone project . Naloxone is an opioid antidote and can reverse an opioid overdose and potentially save someone's life.