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Ingeborg Skjærvø

Ingeborg Skjærvø is employed as a postdoctoral fellow on the PriSUD project, and has been involved since December 2020.

Ingeborg has a background in psychology, with a bachelor's degree (London Metropolitan University) and a master's degree (UiO) with a focus on cognitive psychology and the biological aspects of behavior. This interest led to the topics for both bachelor's and master's theses being triggers for alcohol and nicotine use.

Ingeborg completed her doctorate as part of the NorComt project at SERAF in 2018. NorCOMT is a follow-up study of patients starting LAR or obstetric treatment. The theme of her dissertation was the extent to which the patients themselves committed crime in the time before and after treatment, and the extent to which they themselves were exposed to criminal acts during the same periods.

In addition to intoxication and health in prison, Ingeborg has an interest in PTSD and chronic pain among patients in treatment for drug addiction, and parent-led trauma treatment for children.

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