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Marianne Riksheim Stavseth

Marianne Riksheim Stavseth is employed as a postdoctoral fellow on the PriSUD project and is responsible for the data processing in the project.  

Marianne has her background from NTNU, where she has a bachelor's degree in medical statistics and a master's degree in statistics. In her master's thesis, she did a simulation of how breast cancer tumors grow, and how changes in screening frequency can affect when breast cancer tumors are detected. The thesis can be read here .

Originally, Marianne wanted to be a teacher, and the joy of teaching and communicating complex mathematics and statistics is close to her heart. She has published two articles on the application of statistical methods in medicine, one on the treatment of 'missing data' and one on the strategy for selecting covariates in a regression analysis . Marianne is also one of the professional employees who writes for the column 'Tall og medisin' in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association.

Marianne completed her doctorate in 2019 based on data from the annual status survey among patients in Drug-Assisted Rehabilitation (OMT). 

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