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Nicoline Toresen Lokdam

Nicoline Lokdam is a doctoral student with the PriSUD project. She works with data from the NorMA study linking it with data from the Norwegian registries. Read more about her PhD here .

Nicoline has a bachelor's and master's degree in Public Health Science from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her degree is a combination of various health sciences, both quantitative and qualitative. Her master's thesis from 2017 was on health in prisons, with a particular focus on solitary confinement in Danish prisons.  She has previously worked with health in prisons at Dignity  (Danish Institute Against Torture).

Inequities in health and health among socially marginalized groups are core themes of interest in Nicoline's work. From this framework, incarceration is an interesting field as those in the prison population are in a socially marginalized group and often suffer  from multiple health issues. 

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