The Norwegian Prison Release Study - nPRIS

The nPRIS cohort is the largest part of the PriSUD project, based on the number of data points.  The data base for nPRIS is a prison cohort that includes about 160,000 people  and just under 300,000 releases  in the period 2000 to 2019. The cohort has previously been linked to the Cause of Death Register, and an article on overdose deaths after release was published on this material in 2017. The article received a lot of attention, i.a. with a separate case on Dagsrevyen and  During the project period, the cohort will be connected to several central registers and databases.

The following registers are planned to be linked in the project:


The Prison and Probation Service's productivity-enhancing information system (KOMPIS): a  National  database containing  information about i.a. imprisonment and convictions  among inmates in Norwegian prisons. 


Cause of Death Register (DÅR): a national  register of causes of death classified according to "The International Classification of Diseases version 10" ( ICD-10 ) which allows causes of death to be compared across countries.


National prescription-based drug register ( Prescription register ):  a national  register containing  information on the use of prescription drugs in Norway. 


The Criminal Case Register ( STRASAK ):  one of the police  register containing information on all police-reported matters. The data includes identified perpetrators, formal charges and convictions.


Norwegian Patient Register (NPR ): a national register that contains information about all patients who have received, or are waiting for, treatment in  the specialist health service, in addition to so-called situation data.


The database FD-Trygd : a course database that contains personal data with information on a wide range of topics, including education, social security benefits and employment.