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Rose Elizabeth Boyle

​Rose Boyle is a doctoral candidate as part of the project PriSUD. Her project will investigate the application and efficacy of different SUD treatment services in the corrections system. She is interesting in finding out how the structure and experience of serving a prison sentence can provide an effective framework for positive development amongst vulnerable individuals with SUD problems, and what effect this has on SUD treatment services offered in prison. Her qualitative work will investigate this from an actor perspective: What do both current and former incarcerated individuals and prison staff think about the existing SUD treatment services: do they promote better health, and how should they be adapted or developed further to meet the needs of incarcerated individuals?

Rose has a masters’ degree in intercultural studies from NLA Høgskolen, where her project was based on a case study of one of Norway’s first recovery college programs in the mental health and SUD field, where she also worked as a course developer. This gave her a strong interest in how service perspectives and experience-based competence are implemented in the health, social and legal systems. Her research interests include mental health and substance use, crime prevention and corrections, prison healthcare, integration of vulnerable groups, health service development, stigma and marginalization.

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