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The PriSUD project has associated students at several levels and from different fields of study. Our students are an important resource, and they contribute with new, fresh perspectives. On this page you will find an overview of all our ongoing student projects. If you want to read completed student assignments from the project, you can also find them here (in Norwegian).

Katya Stavelie Khouri.png

Profesjonsstudiet i psykologi:

Katya Stavelie Khouri


Master i rus- og psykisk helsearbeid:

Amalie Jordan

bilde til prisud_edited.jpg

Master i anvendt helsepsykologi og forebygging:

Rebecca Lynn Isaksen


Martine Garshol

Kreft blant personer med soningserfaring


Lisa Elvebakk Ferrando

Selvskading blant personer med mentale lidelser

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