Torill Tverborgvik

Torill is a postdoc on the PriSUD Nordic project, and has a special responsibility for Nordic co-operation. She has a long career as a register researcher and calls herself a register nerd who thrives well with large numbers and many variables. Torill has experience with studies on overdose mortality, and will have a focus on this in the project. Nevertheless, it is the meaning of a connection to the labor market that is Torill's special interest, and with a strong belief that we humans are best off if we are allowed to contribute, large or small, she wishes, among other things, to look at the degree of connection to the labor market. before and after imprisonment has an meaning for how it goes with the prison inmates over time.

Torill received his doctorate from the Department of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen. The study was a register study that dealt with social heritage in the level of education and labor market affiliation in the Danish population born 1930 - 2002.

In recent years, Torill has worked as a course instructor and supervisor in rehabilitation companies with measures aimed at people who via NAV need help and support to enter or return to the labor market. She has worked a lot with mental health and life skills, and has gained long MI (motivational interview) experience and is certified in SE (Supported Employment) and Career Tools.


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