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Torill Tverborgvik

Torill is a postdoc and researcher in the PriSUD project. In addition to collaboration with the Nordic research groups in PriSUD Nordic, Torill is working on a new report on correctional care and welfare services in Norway commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Torill has experience with studies on overdose mortality, sickness absence, addiction and forensic toxicology. In the PriSUD project, she works in particular with studies on the elderly in prison, as well as on groups with various psychological diagnoses. She will also look at the extent to which connection to the labor market before and after imprisonment has a meaning for how the prison population fare over time.

Torill did her doctorate in epidemiology at the Department of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen. The study was a register study that dealt with social inheritance in educational level and labor market attachment in the Danish population born 1930 - 2002.

Torill has also worked as a course instructor and supervisor in different work rehabilitation companies focusing on mental health and life-coping skills for people on their way (back) into the labor market. She has extensive MI (motivational interviewing) experience and is certified in SE (Supported Employment) and Karriereverktøy (Career Tools).

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