PhD-project: Nicoline Lokdam

Substance Use Disorders in the Norwegian prison population – Needs, treatment and post-release outcomes 

Nicolines PhD project uses the NorMA survey data in combination with prison and health registry data to investigate the needs, treatment and life after prison among people with Substance Use Disorders.

733 individuals in the NorMA survey gave us permission to use their personal ID in further research and this gives us the opportunity to link the survey data from the NorMA cohort with registry data. This gives us the possibility to study the NorMA cohort across their lifespan, with information on their background and upbringing, their previous imprisonment and recidivism, but also their use of health care services in the specialized health care system. 

With this, I will study how often people with Substance Use Disorders in prison gets treatment, inside or outside prison, and how treatment of Substance Use Disorders affect their life after prison. Especially use of specialized health services, e.g. psychiatric treatment, and return to prison, will be investigated.    

Photo by selim blk on Unsplash

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